Hello World!

20 Jul

‘Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, and at the end of the day you don’t look at it and wish you had painted something different’Unknown Author

This quote has never been to far from my mind, and such has been responsible for the progress i have made thus far. The quote evokes the feeling of regret, and it is this emotion that has spurred me on to get out of bed each day and made me determined to fulfil my ambitions.

Currently i am an undergraduate studying Business Management at the University of Leicester. I have no doubt that the experience and knowledge obtained during my 3 years of study will equip me with the skills for a successful career in Consultancy or Marketing. Two fields which i would like to dedicate my career to.

However the main purpose of this blog is going to centralise around another passion of mine. I am going to use this facilaty to document my eagerly anticipated trip to South Africa. From the 3rd of August i will be spending 10 weeks in a Town called Mamre, situated in the Western Cape approximately 55km north of Cape Town.

During my time there, i will be working on projects that aim to develop the community, with the long term view of making it self-sufficient. Such projects fluctuate around the topics of Education, Sports and Agriculture.

The aim of my trip is to raise the awareness into the lives of those less fortunate than us. Therefore during the trip i will be dedicating my time, to creating materials such as photos, videos, blogs, which i can use to help raise awareness when i arrive back to the UK.

As mentioned above, when my trip concludes and i arrive back in the UK, i will be sharing my experiences and raising awareness on a part-time basis. Initial ideas that are brought to mind are to create a cookbook, calendar, or producing articles. All of which will highlight the lives and day-to-day ongoings of South Africa’s poorest civilians. However i am still in the creative process, and i am sure once i’m out there more ideas will trickle of the tongue, once the realities are experienced firsthand.

I hope you enjoy this blog and i will make every effort to update it whilst abroad, with pictures, videos and anything else i can share with you.  Lastly i would like to take this opportunity to thank Platform2, for whom without their help such an experience would be impossible!


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